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 Category >>  Therapy
epsilon, delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma and lambda Two LFO working synchronously with host or free with start position of oscillating. LFOs can to modulate frequencies, round, pan and volume.  Sync host to free correlating after SYNC button click. LFOs sync button will synchronously positions of LFOs. Requirements
 Category >>  Distortion
  Two LFOs to modulate all parameters.  Very low resources taken! Your guitar, drums and leads will sound very cool!  Features: Two band overdrive distortion for high and low frequencies Gain and drive amount for each band Pan position for each band Round knob make sound smooth and round to avoid aliasing and reduce the peaks. On low values this knob insert nice harmonics. Two LFO working synchronously with host or free with start position of oscillating. LFOs can to modulate all parameters
 Category >>  Filter
adsrFilterPro is a filter with ADSR envelope and LFO which can modulate filter frequency, bandwidth, pan position and filter mix! Very low resources taken! Features: One filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass Bandwidth, pan position and filter mix ADSR envelope with unique up/down mode One
 Category >>  Filter
modulatedFilter is a modulated filter with one LFO. Can modulate filter frequency, band width and filter mix! Extremely low resources taken! Features: One filter width lowpass, highpass and bandpass Band width and filter mix One LFO working synchronously host with start position of oscillating
 Category >>  Filter
panOscillator make pan position oscillating and enhance your stereo signal. Extremely low resources taken! Features: Pan out oscillator from left to right. Host synchronization oscillator. Pan width for stereo enhanced. Pan offset to play around. Start position which can make phase shift
 Category >>  Filter
panENV can position the output anywhere from left to right. Use envelope from midi input with attack, hold, and decay. Extremely low resources taken! Enhance your stereo signal! Features: Pan out from left to right with pan offset. Envelope from midi input with attack, hold, and decay
 Category >>  Delay
panDelay 2
ge delay positioning. Stereo enhanced by pan delay width. Rich rates: triplet and dotted Requirements: VST host and Windows 32 or 64bits  Changelog: 1.2 (2016-12-27) UPDATE: reduced memory consumption 1.1 (2016-09-29) FIXED: incompatibility with some hosts like Cubase
 Category >>  Delay
Pan Delay can position anywhere from left to right, smooth rate changing. Extremely low resources taken! Easy delay for nice audio effects. Features: Delay can play on left side or right side. Smooth transition when changing rate with no crackles, rattles or distortion

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