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goldenSynth Snapshot
Price: 36.00 €
goldenSynth is a binaural/monaural beats generator which work by waveforms based on golden number. Can receive note input from midi like a synth.  Extremely low resources taken!

Golden and easy way to create healing music!

This plugin is hybrid: generator and synth
 - Synth working by note playing if switch button is on synthesizer state, in this case attack and release are available and following note played. Note played change the Base Freq of binaural (not Binaural) and the corresponding value is written on head drawing. Please note that it is a monophonic synthesizer, does not support polyphony. 
- Generator make continuous sound if is in playing/recording and switch button is on generator state


  • Four waveforms based on the golden number
  • Frequencies by midi notes input with attack and release
  • Continuous tones generator.
  • Midi tuning to any frequency do you need. Works only in synthesizer mode.
  • Large frequencies ranges: up to 20000.0Hz base frequency (can set with decimals), binaural beats up to 512.00Hz
  • Fade when change frequencies with range up to 90seconds
  • Four wave shape selector
  • 125 presets with most important binaural frequencies, high state of consciousness, out of body, astral projection, healing, chakras, Schumann resonance, planets frequencies etc
  • Centering the left-right frequencies around the frequency of the note.
  • Healing tones and Solfeggio frequencies presets
  • Left-right reverse
  • Binaural and monaural beats selector
  • Brainwave range detector: delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma and lambda
  • Free for 60 seconds. 

  • Value input from keyboard: go over the knob and right click, insert value from keyboard then hit enter.
  • Set default value: double click on the knob


DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits  or MacOS VST and AU

The archive contains two versions for architecture of 32bits and 64bits, use only one of them according with your needs.

How to Install - instructions page specific for goldenSynth and EULA.

2.3 (2023-09-19)
  • UPDATE: the function of centering the frequencies around the frequency of the note has been added.
2.2 (2023-05-09)
  • UPDATE: change values by mouse wheel. VST 3 version was added.
2.11 (2021-04-30)
  • UPDATED: OSX unlock key system improved
2.1 (2021-03-15)
  • FIXED: unlock key was added as a file, this solves certain incompatibilities with the OSX system
2.01 (2021-03-14)
  • FIXED: the problem when change the Binaural frequency in synth mode was solved
2.0 (2020-04-10)
  • UPDATE: added a light switch button from synthesizer to generator. This update require to rebuild the old projects
1.10 (2019-12-19)
  • UPDATE: tuning feature to any frequency. This update require to rebuild the old projects
1.03 (2019-09-13)
  • FIXED: some incompatibility solved
1.02 (2019-04-28)
  • FIXED: some incompatibility solved
1.01 (2018-12-10)
  • UPDATED: unlock key system


The theory behind the waves based on the golden number


The golden number comes from the divine proportion that divides The whole into parts by an ideal ratio, so that every part will reflect the whole. The principle which is at the base of the universe in creates and sustains it.    

Mathematically the entire reported by a part must be equal to the ratio of the two divisions.    


1/a = a/b    

1/a = a/(1-a) 




Divine ratio is a perfect ratio which creates everything


Thus we have obtained an ideal primary division. To keep this perfection we must continue in the same way, the obtained divisions we divide them by the golden ratio. This way you can get a perfect growth and division that maintains the holistic principle: the part in everything and everything in the part. This principle is also used in fractals.     

Mathematically we can write:

It is a growing and an indefinitely dividing formula that can grow infinite keeping the original harmony.      


Non-linear time concept


The symmetrical sinusoid (classic sinusoid) is based on a linear time but the time is non-linear! Golden sinusoid is based on a non-linear time, cyclical with a waveform variations too. So this is the way how we generate the Golden Sinusoid in our generators. Below are the graphical results.


Golden  waveforms 


Golden Triangle Wave:

We start with the triangle golden wave because basis on its we generated the sine wave.   



Golden Sinusoid:

Using the non-linear time concept, we apply a triangle wave on the time axis and then generate a classical sinusoid. So we got  a divided wave cycle in two perfect divisions through the golden ratio as follows:   



Golden Sine Half: 



Golden Square Wave:


In this way we obtained pure, ideal waveforms, with a specific timbre, excellent for binaural beats. You can make a lot of music applications or pure sounds in the therapeutic, psychological or spiritual domain and in electronic music.    


© Copyright


This waveforms were discovered by EmRysRa, all rights regarding such wave shapes and concepts by: golden waveforms, golden sinusoid, golden triangle wave and golden square wave are exclusively reserved by © EmRysRa.


If you wish to use these waveforms for publication or post material that contains notions mentioned above it is absolutely necessary to specify the author's name and if the Internet is a medium for publication must add the website address or   


Keywords: number, music, binaural, note, generator, release, continuous, playing, attack, beats, freq, synth, waveforms, frequencies, goldensynth, midi, based, golden

Users comments

Frequency of sound that prevent & kills coronavirus

Frequency of sound that prevent & kills coronavirus:

10.5 Hz - Stimulating for the immunity system

528 Hz - It helps your body restore your DNA to its original, healthy state. With repaired DNA, you will feel more energic. Used by genetic scientists to mend DNA/strengthens cell wall to boost immunity. Its one of Solfeggio tones.

780 Hz - Rife frequency to heal Pneumonia

Date: 2020-03-14 by


goldenSynth mini tutorial

I made a tutorial for this great plugin

Date: 2020-03-07 by


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