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TwinCrusher - Free

twinCrusher Snapshot
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twinCrusher it's a two band distortion with overdrive algorithm and round (antialias) feature.  Extremely low resources taken!

Your guitar, drums and leads will sound very cool! 

  • Two band overdrive distortion for high and low frequencies
  • Gain and drive amount for each band
  • Round knob make sound smooth and round to avoid aliasing and reduce peaks and sharp. On low values this knob insert nice harmonics.
  • Nice presets for guitar, drums, lead and others.

VST host and Windows 32 or 64bits 

Keywords: lead, aliasing, insert, knob, distortion, guitar, round, overdrive, sound, peaks, sharp, bits, presets, band, twincrusher, drums
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The key is round knob

The key to this distortion seems to be round knob. At less than 50% values, insert some very cool harmonics

If we set values lower than 50% on high side and over 50% on low side to not destroy basses this plugin it does miracles!

I use it with excellent results on the drum line.

Thanks SaschArt for this freebie!

Date: 2017-04-14 by


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