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EasyReverb - Free

easyReverb Snapshot
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easyReverb it's an algorithmic reverb with innovative and special algorithms. New features in the reverb world: surface selector, accent for space and surface.

Very handy and user friendly, easyReverb consumes by far the least resources between reverb plugins without compromising the audio quality!   

What's special:

  • Surface selector which imitate the surface of the acoustic spaces. Have 6 options: Smooth, Waves, Granulated, Rippled, Zigzag and Rich Zigzag. Each option have own algorithm. 
  • Accent for space which amplifies or decrease the specific features of the selected space, at zero the change of space does not produce any effects on the sound, and at 100% it produces maximum effects when changing.
  • Accent for surface  which amplifies or decrease the specific features of the selected surface. The accent is unique in the reverb world and is very handy.  
  • Stereo selector which offers 8 different algorithms for stereo reflections: Mono, Wide, Inflate, Squeeze, Cone, Reverse Cone, Steps and Reverse Steps.

  • 8 distinct acoustic spaces: Arena, Cathedral, Hallway, Corridor, Chamber, Metallic Box, Special Fly and Special Explosion.
  • Pan position for mono and for each  stereo  algorithm. 
  • Predelay to to introduce a little delay in reverb sound.
  • Diffuse parameter to get what sound you want.  
  • More than 60 presets with special sounds

  • Remove donate button: donate minimum 5 euro then insert donate key received by email
  • Value input from keyboard: go over the knob and right click, insert value from keyboard then hit enter.
  • Set default value: double click on the knob
  • Set bypass ceil: click on bypass text - the right bottom, then insert value by key. This will bypass the plugin if the input is less than the ceiling set.


If you want more good reverb, use professional one from


DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU



How to Install - instructions page specific for easyReverb and EULA.


1.6 (2024-04-13)
  • UPDATE: filter type selector, LP (lowpass) and HP (highpass)
1.5 (2023-08-14)
  • UPDATE: code improved
1.46 (2021-05-20)
  • UPDATE: code improved

1.45 (2019-08-27)

  • FIXED: improved compatibility with Logic & OS X
1.42 (2019-04-17)
  • UPDATE: improved compatibility
1.41 (2018-12-17)
  • UPDATE: improved performance
1.4 (2018-09-12)     
  • UPDATE: improved compatibility. Replace hidden CPU Saver parameter with Bypass Ceil.
1.3 (2018-08-20)       
  • UPDATE: improved performance. If you update from older versions and keep old your projects, take care to hidden CPU Saver parameter. Open the plugin with no GUI and set this parameter to 40%. On new loading case will be set correctly automatic with no required actions from you.
1.2 (2018-08-20)    
  • UPDATE: add a few presets
1.1 (2018-08-16)    
  • UPDATE: improve time period on small values


Keywords: accent, reverb, space, smooth, effects, easyreverb, spaces, stereo, features, resources, audio, selector, acoustic, surface, changing, reverse, special, sound, rich
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Users comments

EasyReverb is amazing

EasyReverb is a fantastic freebie reverb. Please make more free reverbs. :)

Date: 2024-03-24 by


Thank You very much for this awesome free reverb!

This free reverb sounds awesome! Thank You very much! I truly hope there will be more free reverbs coming from You in the future. :)

Date: 2019-04-07 by


Change the reverbs face

This plugin change the reverbs face. The possibility to mix the acoustic spaces and surfaces is extraordinary.

The commercial one is impressive as the number of algorithms

Date: 2018-09-13 by


Best free reverb

It's the best free reverb. Thanks for sharing it for free

Date: 2018-09-04 by


Good free verb

This seems to be one of the better, if not the best, free reverb plugins. I'm very impressed.

Date: 2018-08-21 by


Check this video demo

I made a youtube demo for this unbelievable plugin

Date: 2018-08-20 by


Tested the plugin

Im a producer and was looking for some good reverb for vocals, this is def a keeper, thank You. :) I also made a video of how it sounds if someone wants to check out before the download. ;)

Date: 2018-08-15 by


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