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golden waves

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You can read more here about basic principles of wave synchronization. Features: Multiple tones generator for maximum 12 frequencies. Seven waveforms: sine classic, triangle, saw and four golden waves: Golden Sinusoid, Golden Half Sinusoid, Golden Triangle and Golden Square. Large frequencies ranges: up to 20000.00Hz base frequency (can set with two decimals), binaural beats up to 2000.00Hz Switch pan for binaural, center frequencies and binaural off
 Category >>  Therapy
LFOtherapist it's a modulator for music therapy and brain wave entrainment. You can insert healing frequencies in any audio input. The modulator include the golden waves, classic waves and have two LFOs modulators. It takes very low resources! First way to create healing music Features
 Category >>  Therapy
goldenWavesGenerator is a binaural beats generator for music therapy and brain wave entrainment which work by carrier and binaural waves. The generator include all the golden waves, have two LFOs modulators with golden waves too. It takes extremely low resources

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