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SLimiterPro Snapshot
Price: 55.00 €
SLimiterPro - for all audio makers. Output audio limiting with input gain correction, lookahead, attack and release. Show instant and maximum attenuation, RMS statistics and graphic peaks Left-Right values with time detect.

All what you need for easy mastering.

Made based on our research in the field of wave attenuation of high peak that creates problems audition: rattles, crackling, distortions and other unwanted sounds.

Thus we got some attenuation original procedures with stunning results:
  • clear and smooth sound
  • big volume with no unwanted sounds
  • transparent, continuous sound and very close to the original line
  • very low resources, UNIQUE in the area of audio limiters
  • Look Ahead: detection of peaks are made before sound playing, this result a very little delay has no importance in the mastering process. This feature detects all peaks in time to can be limited.
  • Attack attenuation envelope. This feature make continuous sound and very close to the original line.
  • Release attenuation envelope. This feature improves continuous line of the sound.
  • Stereo link combines attenuation with stereo balance.
  • Left and right attenuation with memory storing.
  • Peaks graphic for output and input/attenuation
  • Clipping soft and hard
  • Instant and maximum RMS

DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU


2.53 (2016-12-27)
  • UPDATE: reduced memory consumption
2.52 (2016-09-29)
  • FIXED: incompatibility with some hosts like Cubase
Keywords: release, resources, mastering, feature, peaks, envelope, attack, attenuation, original, time, slimiterpro, audio, continuous, sound, sounds

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