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Elevate your mind, body, and spirit with this revolutionary VST plugin. Explore the limitless ascension of sound, and embark on a journey of transformation like never before. Features: Isochronic Shepard Tones Generator: create up to 16 tones simultaneously. Multiple Waveforms: choose from seven waveforms, including classic sine, triangle, saw, and four golden waveforms (Golden Sinusoid, Golden Half Sinusoid, Golden Triangle, and Golden Square). Can to set frequencies range. Spread of frequencies with the possibility of adjust the volume for low
 Category >>  Sampler
It exclusively focuses on plugins, not the DAW's overall activity. We trust that mainstream DAWs prioritize security and data protection. Choosing the Right Version The free version of PluginsMonitor offers the capability to scan one plugin at a time. For simultaneous scans of multiple plugins, the commercial version is available. Keep in mind that certain complex plugins, composed of multiple modules, require the commercial version for thorough scanning. Platform Considerations Please be aware that due to the limitations of the security system on Apple OS
 Category >>  Sampler
It scans your plugins with minimal resource consumption, virtually zero! Notably, it only scans plugins, not DAW activity. We assume that DAW software prioritizes security and data integrity. The free version scans one plugin at a time. For concurrent scanning of multiple plugins, opt for the commercial version. Keep in mind that certain plugins with multiple modules require the commercial version for comprehensive scanning. Unfortunately, Apple OS's security system doesn't support cross-module scanning. This system has a drawback
 Category >>  Therapy
binauralBeatsHarmonics can generate multiple frequencies that sound synchronously. You can test now the power of Frequencies Sync Effect (FSE) on binaural beats, a new feature in brainwave entrainment. In therapeutic music, frequencies that have a strong correspondence in numerology are used a lot
 Category >>  Therapy
Binaural Beats in Two Clicks!   BrainWaveProducer it's a sound therapy software that uses multiple plugins (tracks) to generate and process the sound. Because it's modular

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