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The Challenge of Traditional Security Measures Antivirus software, while crucial, often relies on predefined signatures to detect threats. This approach falls short when dealing with new or emerging plugins that may remain undetected for extended periods. Similarly, firewalls safeguard DAWs from general internet threats but lack the precision to pinpoint malicious plugin behavior. Check here some tests about this. The Effective Solution: PluginsMonitor Enter PluginsMonitor - your comprehensive security solution
 Category >>  Sampler
and in some cases, they could even share your projects online. Antivirus software isn't enough as it relies on plugin signatures. There's often a gap before new plugins are included in databases, allowing them to go unnoticed for months or even years. Firewalls are inadequate too, as they focus on the DAW's internet connection rather than individual plugins operating under the DAW. The solution for your safety is PluginsMonitor. It can detect any unauthorized access, modifications, or deletions of your files in real time

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