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 Category >>  Sampler
Introducing the PluginsMonitor: Safeguarding of Your Music Production Environment Discover the power of PluginsMonitor, a cutting-edge VST plugin designed to enhance the security and performance of your digital audio workstation (DAW). By leveraging advanced scanning technology, this plugin...
 Category >>  Sampler
Introducing PluginsMonitorFree: Safeguarding of Music Production in your DAW PluginsMonitor scans your plugins and checks for any potential malware or spyware behavior. This plugin doesn't generate or process sound but aids other plugins in functioning safely and optimally. Because of this,...
 Category >>  Stereo
insert value from keyboard then hit enter. Set default value: double click on the knob Set bypass ceil: click on bypass text - the right bottom, then insert value by key   If you want more good reverb, use professional one from Requirements: DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU     Changelog: 1.5 (2023-08-14) UPDATE: code improved 1.46 (2021-05-20) UPDATE: code improved 1.45 (2019-08-27) FIXED
 Category >>  Stereo
sReverb it's an algorithmic reverb with innovative and special algorithms. New features in the reverb world: surface selector, accent for space and surface. Very handy and user friendly, sReverb consumes by far the least resources between reverb plugins without compromising the audio...
 Category >>  Delay
SmoothDelay with left and right separate knobs, smooth rate changing. Very low resources taken! Double Delay for best left/right delay control. Features: Two host sync knobs for left and right side. Smooth transition when changing rate with no crackles, rattles or distortion. Smooth knob

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