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Basic Principles of Wave Synchronization

The basic principles of wave synchronization and their maximum efficiency in sound therapy and brainwave entrainment.

In our body as a whole, the organs and functions have a synchronous rhythm. Organs are resonators and resonators are based on waves and frequencies. It has been shown that the human brain works on certain frequencies. The components of the brain, the human psyche, the emotions and feelings interrelate based on waves, in a synchronized way. Otherwise, one cannot speak of an organism as a unitary whole.

Could anyone believe that the human body can function if the frequencies of the parts that compose it are not synchronized?

There is no scientific answer, but our intuition and that ineffable something from the soul give us with a big YES to this question.

If the answer is yes, the waves we use in sound therapy and brainwave entrainment must be synchronized.

The principle of waves synchronization it's used a lot in music. The harmonic series are natural phenomena. Everyone can hear harmonics in natural sounds all the time and can detect harmony in the computer tones. The human ear is a very sensitive organ to wave synchronization and it's not the only one. In fact all our organs and all body functions are sensitive to wave synchronization. The ear is the main sensor of sound harmony which is closely related to music. For this reason we may consider that we could be guided by the harmonies in music in order to determine the most effective frequencies in sound therapy and brainwave entrainment. The harmonies used in music are based on harmonic scales, thus we should consider them as a very important reference.

The basic principle is simple: two waves are synchronized if they meet in the same time at the null point in as few cycles as possible. Thus, the octave, because it's a multiple of two for frequency, represents the best synchronization, then the scales in music that meet null point based on certain ratios. The formula for calculating of musical frequencies is based on the power of two, which approximates what I say previously. Example for four couples of synchronized waves:
Frequencies Sync Effect

Since the tuning frequency of 440Hz is arbitrary, we should go surpass this approach and use the frequency from sound therapy as the tuning frequency. Here you have a calculator where you can find the harmonic frequencies using the reference frequency as an input. We recommend the binauralBeatsHarmonics program that makes this calculation automatically.

Frequency: Hz

Octave Unison Principle

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