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MultiCrusher - Free

multiCrusher Snapshot
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multiCrusher is a multi algorithm distortion with 5 algorithms: overdrive (fat and weak), decimator, clip and foldback! Foldback contain Clipper facility. The foldback/clipper can be applied before or after overdrive/decimator.

Very low resources taken!

  • Two overdrive algorithms and decimator
  • Foldback with Clipper facility (Multiply=0)
  • Threshold with Flip Threshold for negative values of wave
  • The foldback/clipper can be applied before or after overdrive/decimator
  • Pan position for the distorted signal 
  • Round knob make sound smooth and round to avoid aliasing and reduce the peaks. On negative values this knob insert nice harmonics.
  • Antialiasing button will reduce peaks and other sharp sounds.  
  • Nice presets for guitar, drums, lead.

  • Value input by key: over the knob and right click, insert value by key then hit enter
  • Set default value: double click on the knob

What's special:
  • Foldback with Clipper facility. How look the distorted wave by foldback and clipper:

  • Threshold with Flip Threshold for negative values of wave:

DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU




1.01 (2018-10-19)        
  • UPDATE: improved compatibility with some hosts and add Bypass Ceil parameter to iddle the plugin when no audio input

Keywords: features, wave, presets, clipper, smooth, distortion, round, resources, overdrive, peaks, aliasing, sound, foldback, reduce, knob
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