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GoldenGenerator - Free

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goldenGenerator is a binaural/monaural beats generator that works by waveforms based on the golden number. It takes extremely low resources!

Golden and easy way to create healing music

  • Continuous tones generator
  • Four waveforms based on the golden number
  • Few presets with binaural frequencies, high state of consciousness, out of body, astral projection
  • Solfeggio frequencies presets
  • Left-right reverse
  • Binaural and monaural beats selector
  • Fades when the frequencies changes 

DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64bits or MacOS VST and AU


1.1 (2017-02-10)
  • FIXED: some incompatibility solved


The theory underlying the waves based on the golden number


The golden number comes from the divine proportion that divides The whole into parts by an ideal ratio, so that every part will reflect the whole.        

Mathematically the entire reported by a part must be equal to the ratio of the two divisions.    


1/a = a/b    

1/a = a/(1-a) 




Divine ratio is a perfect ratio which creates everything


Thus we have obtained an ideal primary division. To keep this perfection we must continue in the same way, the obtained divisions we divide them by the golden ratio. This way you can get a perfect growth and division that maintains the holistic principle: the part in everything and everything in the part.     

Mathematically we can write:

It is a growing and an indefinitely dividing formula that can grow infinite keeping the original harmony.      


Golden  waveforms 


A wave cycle can be divided exactly the same, in perfect divisions by the golden ratio as follows:   


Golden Sinusoid:



Golden Sine Half: 



Golden Triangle Wave:



Golden Square Wave:


In this way we obtained pure, ideal waveforms, with a specific timbre, excellent for binaural beats. You can make a lot of music applications or pure sounds in the therapeutic, psychological or spiritual domain and in electronic music.    


© Copyright


This waveforms were discovered by EmRys, all rights regarding such wave shapes and concepts by: golden waveforms, golden sinusoid, golden triangle wave and golden square wave are exclusively reserved by © EmRys.


If you wish to use these waveforms for publication or post material that contains notions mentioned above it is absolutely necessary to specify the author's name and if the Internet is a medium for publication must add the website address or   


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Very close with nature waves

This waves are very close to nature waves
goldenGenerator - Free
goldenGenerator - Free
goldenGenerator - Free

Date: 2018-01-09 by


Golden waves - the Essential Sound

Golden waves it is far more effective for therapy according to the new tests we made.

The symmetrical sinusoid is created by humans, the golden sinusoid is created by God.

In nature, there is no symmetrical sinusoid, at propagation through an environment the waves change shape, the sinusoid is no longer symmetrical. The golden sinusoid approximates ocean waves and seismic waves very well.

Date: 2017-12-20 by


Very cool

Golden sinusoid sounds very interesting!

I have already used it in therapy with great success

Date: 2017-11-20 by


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